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Non destructive testingThe Materials Division is responsible for providing services related to the testing of construction materials within the construction industry.

Fugro-Suhaimi Ltd. Materials Division can supply the following services:

  • Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA):
    QC and QA services related to soil, concrete and asphalt works are provided for construction projects. This includes chemical analyses of soil, water and aggregate and agricultural soils. FSL can design and verify mix designs for both concrete and asphalt.

  • Concrete Rehabilitation Studies:
    A large number of reinforced concrete structures constructed in Saudi Arabia in recent years are now showing varying degrees of distress. FSL performs studies to evaluate the causes and the extent of damage and to develop procedures and specifications for the repairs.

  • Calibration Services:
    Calibration services are provided for test equipment to contractors and other testing laboratories. The services include on-site calibration of concrete and asphalt batch plants.

  • Pavement Evaluation Services:
    FSL can evaluate the condition and performance of various types of pavements by performing a range of tests to determine deflection, roughness and surface condition characteristics. Further field and laboratory tests can determine the physical properties of the pavement material.

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